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Saltire Rising: The Lady Captain MW Burt

Saltire Rising: The Lady Captain

MW Burt

Kindle Edition
201 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The Saltire Rising is home to almost a hundred souls. Her captain is desperate to save the ship from being pulled into a temporal anomaly. The nuclear propulsion system is malfunctioning. Their only hope of repair is to barter for the needed part from a passing Hunduri trade ship. Trading with the Hunduri involves a whole subset of problems, in and of itself.The Hunduri are shrewd businessmen. The captain of the Hunduri trading vessel is a seasoned trader. He is well versed in wringing every ounce of profit he can from his trading partners. Cassandra was advanced to captain of the Saltire Rising after her father got his arm broken by a Hunduri tradesman when a former deal went bad. She will have to move twice as fast, to ensure she gets the part her ship needs, makes repairs, and clears the anomaly, without things going south. Her biggest worry is getting injured, or being wrangled up in trading for a bunch of stuff she doesn’t need, to obtain the one item she desperately needs.She works with her father, to come up with a carefully crafted plan designed to navigate the maze of problems involved in a typical Hunduri trade deal. Unfortunately, her plan flies apart, when after boarding the Hunduri trade ship, she realizes they are carrying human slaves. The humans are crew members from a derelict, rescued by the Hunduri captain several years prior.Cassandra is having a hard time managing her priorities, especially when she meets a gorgeous Hunduri male being kept against his will on the trading vessel. He proves to be kind, sweet, and almost too sexy to resist. Being touched by him puts fire in her veins, but she has to wonder if he even realizes the effect he has on her.She quickly decides, she will rescue the human slaves by hook or by crook. However, bartering for extras will not been looked on with favor by her crew. Cassandra he is loath to go down in human history as the first star ship captain to engage in human trafficking, she methodically works her plan.Can she save the human slaves, the male she is quickly developing a liking for, as well as a dozen or so other people from a variety of worlds? Some things are worth fighting for. Saving innocent souls from a life of misery, is definitely one of them. Cassandra decides to break her trade negotiation into segments in an attempt to barter for them all. She quickly spins a web of intrigue, designed to save as many of the slaves as possible, without risking her original mission.The Lady Captain is a no holds barred thrill ride that takes the reader directly to where the action and romance is.