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Secret of a Medici Mistress Donna Gillotte

Secret of a Medici Mistress

Donna Gillotte

Published December 4th 2012
300 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

As Maddalena di Pagni embarks on a quest to become a great sculptor like her father, she finds herself tangled in the web of wealth and power woven by the illustrious Medici family. While still a teenager, she meets and falls helplessly in love with the charismatic Lorenzo de Medici, giving her body, mind, and soul to him. Her father, Giovanni, attempts to protect his daughter from a life of shame, but ultimately, his efforts cost him his life.Duty, honor and responsibility eventually wrench the lovers apart. Disheartened and overcome by sadness more painful than the fires of Dante’s hell, Maddalena and Lorenzo continue on in a parallel existence, intersecting briefly at pivotal moments in history over the next decade and a half.Knowing he and Maddalena can never be wed because of their class differences, he eventually marries Clarice, a woman his mother chose for him and one for whom he has no romantic feelings. Upon her death, Lorenzo casts aside politics and opinions of others and confesses to Maddalena that he has never stopped loving her. Maddalena soon finds herself swept into the artistic and intellectual orbit of the Medici’s’ inner circle, where she remains until Lorenzos death in 1492.Before Lorenzo takes his final breath Maddalena shares with him a secret that will change the course of history then vows to take the Secret of a Medici Mistress to her grave.