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Licht auf den Wellen (Paradise Point, #1) Barbara Bretton

Licht auf den Wellen (Paradise Point, #1)

Barbara Bretton

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 About the Book 

Im trying to be more cautious with my reviews. This book is a romance, but it also made me examine how mothers and daughters communicate and why relationships can be so touchy between them when the daughters grow up. It explored why it is so important to live your life instead of boxing up your heart. The secondary stories build the primary characters beautifully. There were moments where a suspension of disbelief was required, but they were forgivable in my mind. I liked how the main characters really loved their children. Themes included, death, letting go of past pain, mothers/daughter relationships, family relationships, accepting physical limitations, loving people for themselves instead of who you want them to be, how to express love to someone who only hears it when expressed in ways you are unfamiliar with giving, divorce and its generational ramifications, and growing up. All that said, it isnt a heavy book. But it had a lot more for me to think about without giving up on the hope and joy that are romance novels. When I read the back cover, I put off reading this for a few weeks. But because I have liked the authors other books, I finally picked it up. Dont be put off by what the description makes seem impossibly shallow and negative. This book made me think, but left with a sense of hope.