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Paula, Michael And Bob Gerry Agar

Paula, Michael And Bob

Gerry Agar

Published September 15th 2003
ISBN : 9781843170242
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 About the Book 

I adored British TV presenter Paula Yates when I was a young teen and was terribly sad when she died in 2000. By coincidence I always liked INXS and its front man Michael Hutchence. Bob Geldof is a a brilliant, if at times grumpy man, who has done a lot of good work in Africa.I have always been intrigued by Michaels tragic demise and soon after the death of Paula. I dont usually buy such gossipy books but this was calling my name when I saw it in the bookshop. I was almost ashamed buying it but I wanted to know the true story as told by Gerry Agar this so called friend of Paulas.Turns out that Gerry knew Paula for a very short period of time. Often the book was more about Gerry than Paula. I was ashamed of myself for buying this book. Some of it rang true but other parts struck me as being the stuff of fiction. There was a sense that Agar was taking totally advantage of the fact that Paula and Michael were dead vis a vis her slant on the book.She was more cautious as to how she spoke of Bob because she was obviously conscious of litigation. Nobody needs a friend like Agar -- if your pal dies you keep her secrets not expose them all to the world... and make some things up to boot.